Yelotron is the combination of the Yelobots. He first appeared on the December 2010 issue of K-Zone magazine and in comic's issue 36


Yelotron is the first Lutabot Combiner and one of the minions of Lu-Sho. His color sheme is black, yellow, brown and gray.He battled and killed Saurotron back in the past, but is slain by Foldabot commander Buhawi. He consists of prehistoric animals in the ice age namely: Smilodon, Megalodon, Brontotherium, Giant Ground Sloth and a Mammoth. His parts are the lutabots; Pangil ,Sisid, Umbok, Kalmot and their leader Sungay


  • He can use Sisid's oil spill ice harpoon and hit its enemy.
  • He can also use Pangil's toxic icicles.
  • According in the comic's issue 37 and comic's issue 38 he uses Sungay's horns.

How to combine to create YelotronEdit

1. Slip Sungay's tusks on the robot shoulders.

2. Curl his Trunk and hide it inside the Main Body.

3. Slip Yelotron's head onto Sungay's Head.

4. Insert Sisid's T-connector into Sungay's right shoulder loop.

5. Insert Pangil's T-connector into Sungay's left shoulder loop.

6. Form Kalmot into an L-shape and tuck in his ears to hide them. Repeat for Umbok.

7. Slip Sungay's Legs into Kalmot and Umbok.


  • The Yelobots combine to form Yelotron and combined their powers.
  • Yelotron is the first Lutabot Combiner to appear on the cover of K-Zone Philippines.
  • He defeated Saurotron in comic's issue 38 and the Aura-Sans open a portal to call Buhawi.
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    Yelotron's victory over Saurotron

  • Buhawi use his Ultimate Agimat Force to defeat Yelotron.
  • Yelotron's root word "yelo"is a Filipino word for ice.
  • Every member may be inspired by the movie Ice Age