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Umbok is a Lutabot demolitions expert and member of the Yelobots


Umbok is a Lutabot demolitions expert whom no Foldabot would want to mess with,especially in close range battle.His lethal horns can charge through the toughest defense barriers and smash into thick ice.When there's nothing to pummel, Umbok is used more for intimidation than as a warrior due to his poor intellect and slow speed Umbok's main flaw is his lack of initiative- he waits to be given orders before he makes a move. He appears in the October 2010 K-Zone issue.


Umbok is a grey and blue lutabot that transforms into a Brontotherium and turns into Yelotron's left leg. Like his Lutabot and Yelobot comrades, he has a Lutant splat on his chest.


Lutabot Umbok in Brontotherium mode.


  • He has a powerful upper body.
  • His rigid armor withstands impact damage.


  • Intelligence: 1
  • Endurance: 5
  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 1
  • Special Skill: 1

How To Make Umbok:Edit

You will need four paper clips.

  • CUT out all patterns in the TOYCARD.Follow the RED LINES.
  • FOLD all the BROKEN LINES.
  • GLUE Main Body to itself.
  • GLUE Horns Sides A and B back to back.
  • GLUE Ears to Main Body as labeled.
  • BEND the Mouth into a U-shape and GLUE the ends to Main Body as labeled.
  • GLUE Horns to Main Body as labeled.
  • GLUE Back Part to Main Body.
  • GLUE Leg 1 to itself using the small green tab.Repeat for Legs 2 to 4.
  • ATTACH Legs 1 to 4 to Main Body using paper clips


  • Umbok means "bump" in Tagalog
  • Umbok has trivia about his alternate mode and is the first to do so.
  • Umbok and Sungay don't have fangs like the rest of their group.
  • In his debut in the comic issue "Licensed to Chill". he is the only one who's eyes aren't glowing. He's also the only one who isn't shown transforming into his Brontotherium mode.
  • Due to his appearance in the comics, he is the only robot so far to not have his robot form to appear in the comics.