Elementrobot Commander
Gender Male
Alternate Mode Excavator
Appeared In August 2007
Preceded by Siklab
Followed by Tutubi

Ukay is a yellow and red Foldabot that appeared in the August 2007 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Ukay appears as a yellow and red Foldabot that transforms into an excavator/backhoe in alternate mode. Like all of the other Foldabots, he has a life-giving agimat that glows in his chest compartment. This Foldabot is the leader of the sub-group called Elementrobots and the team's heavy artillery. HIs power to control earth is extremely useful ability when it comes to excavation and rescue missions even for combat. Some say his powers are constantly evolving and that he can control metal. He is strong, noble, dignified, humble and silent type.


  • Ability to control earth and metal.
  • Tough armor can withstand acid and pollutants.
  • His crawlers can adjust to any terrain.


Intelligence: 4

Endurance: 4

Strength: 5

Speed: 3

Special Skill: 3

Agimat Power Card GameEdit


  1. Boulder Punch - Deals -10 damage
  2. Fossil Spirit Armor - Provides +10 protection
  3. Summon Avalanche - Deals -20 damage
  4. Fold-In - To excavator model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 Agimat powers
  6. Special
  • Select
  • Fire weapon
  • Grab weapon
  • Combine to Elementron
  • Disconnect combiners

Alternate ModeEdit

  1. Bucket Smash - Deals -10 damage
  2. Stalagmite Cage - Provides +10 protection
  3. Landfill - Deals -20 damage
  4. Fold-Out - To robot model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 Agimat powers
  6. Special
  • Select weapon
  • Fire weapon
  • Grab weapon
  • Combine to Elementron
  • Disconnect combiners

How to Make UkayEdit


ATTENTION: You will need to use a cutter for this pattern. ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP when you use the cutter.

Difficulty Rating: 6 out of 6

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold the green lines.
  3. Slice the four small red slits on the Main Body.
  4. Glue Main Body to itself.
  5. Curl crawlers and glue to the blue boxes 1 & 2.
  6. Glue Arms L & R to the Main Body.
  7. Glue Part 3 to itself to form a box.
  8. Glue Part 4 to itself to form a box.
  9. Glue Bucket to itself.
  10. Fold Part 6 into L-shape. Do not glue to itself.
  11. Assemble the excavator arm. Glue the bucket to the pink box on Part 5 labeled Bucket. Glue part 5 to part 6.
  12. Glue Part 3 and 4 to Main Body.
  13. Insert excavator arm into the two slits on the main body. Do not glue it down.

Elementron's HeadEdit

  1. Glue Elementron's Head to itself.
  2. Keep it inside Ukay's engine box.


  • Ukay means "to dig".
  • Ukay like most of the Elementrobots except Alon and Agos, had their heads changed.
  • Ukay's head before reissued was blue and didn't had a mouth.
  • Ukay's face was yellow when he first appeared in the comics but later be came red.
  • Ukay is the only combiner leader not to debut last, Alon and Agos are the last Elementrobot members to debut.
  • His design was recycled into Barena.