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A fan picture of Trosotron

Trosotron is a gunslinger Lutabot and loyal servant of Lu-Sho.


There are only two words that are always on Trosotron's mind: " Crush and Destroy!". With an insatiable appetite for plundering forests,he's poised to become Lu-Sho's number 1 Lutabot. His hands conceal razor-sharp talons built for slicing through timber, and his disguise as a lumber cargo truck lets him get away with his haul easily. His only weakness is forgetfulness-it's hard to steal lumber when you forgot where you last left your trailer!


Trosotron is a green and purple Lutabot. Like all the other Lutabots he has a Lutant pollutant in the middle of his chest. His two smokestacks can turn into either hand cannons or shoulder-mounted weapons.


Intelligence: 1

Endurance: 4

Strength: 5

Speed: 2

Special Skill: 4


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A life-giving Lutant splat can be found in Trosotron's chest cavity.
  • His enhanced exostructure is resistant to corrosion and strong acids.
  • His razor-sharp retractable claws can slice through trees.
  • Smoke stacks act as shoulder-mounted and handheld pollution cannons.

Trailer Truck ModeEdit

  • Smoke stacks emit harmful fumes.


  1. Cut out all the patterns on the toy card. Follow the yellow lines.
  2. Fold all the broken lines.
  3. Glue main body to itself.
  4. Glue main body tabs 1, 2 and 3 to main body to form the truck cab.
  5. Glue tires 1 to 4 to main body.
  6. Slip in smoke stacks L and R to main body
  7. Glue arms L and R to main body.
  8. Glue trailer tabs L and R to main body as shown to form the trailer.
  9. Glue the two thin prongs at the end of the Trailer into a Y. This is where the trailer attaches to the cab.
  10. Hook trailer to tab at the strip.


  • Trosotron's root, "Troso" means Log and he is an illegal logger.
  • He is the first Lutabot to have hand-held weapons
  • He is the first Lutabot to have a normal face unlike the Sigwa,Delubyo and Tambak before him.
  • in the comics, hes seemingly appear to be unable to transform back to his truck mode anymore due to him unable to find out where he last left his trailer judging by his appearance on comics staying only in robot form