The Bite Of Bangis
The Bite Of Bangis
Writer Jill Arwen Posadas
Penciller Jomike Tejido
Inker Jomike Tejido
Letterer Jomike Tejido
Colorist Joel Chua & Teddy Pavon
Publication information
Publisher K-Zone
Pages 2
General information
Era Futuristic Philippines
Part of Foldabots Comics
Preceded by Astig By Accident!
Followed by Power On Patrol

The Bite Of Bangis is the second episodic comic of the Foldabots Comics. This comic appeared in the June 2008 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Caloy and Miko are excited to present Astig to Raya however, they only saw a sad Raya since her dog, Corky passed away. Astig, in alternate mode, transforms into his Foldabot mode to befriend Raya. After school, Caloy invented a robot dog for Raya while Miko draws another robot. Half an hour later, the two boys presented the "new Corky" for Raya, however the robot dog showed aggression to them, making the robot dog transforms into a robot. In surprise, Raya shouted "Bangis" making the robot's name Bangis.





  • This comic issue reveals that Raya had a dog named Corky before meeting Bangis.
  • Judging by the photo, we can tell that Corky is deceased.
  • 1st appearance of Raya and Bangis.