Gender Male
Alternate Mode Dump Truck
Appeared In Febuary 2010
Preceded by Dadugong
Followed by Sagip

Tambak is a yellow and green Mechanoid Lutant that appears in the Febuary 2010 issue of K-zone.


Tambak appears as a yellow and green Mechanoid Lutant, that turns into a dump truck. Like other Mechanoid Lutants, he has a evil lutant pollution in his chest, which gives him life.


Intelligence: 2


Strength: 4

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 5

How to make TambakEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns in the Toycard. Follow the blue lines.
  2. Fold all the 'Broken lines.
  3. Glue Main body to itself.
  4. Glue Tabs C and D to boxes E and F.
  5. Glue tire 1 to main body. Do same for tires 2-4
  6. Glue Arms L and R to Main body.
  7. Form the Back Part. Glue Tabs A and B to the side pannels.
  8. Glue Top part to boxes X and Y
  9. Glue Back Part to Main Body using small yellow flap.


  • Tambak means garbage dump.
  • Tambak is the first land vehicle Lutabot.
  • Tambak's debut reveals his team to be called "Lutabots".
  • Tambak's head resembles 2 4 studded LEGO piece under an 8 studded lego piece.