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Sungay is a Lutabot that appeared in the December 2010 issue of the K-Zone magazine.He's alternate mode is a mammoth. He is the leader of a subgroup of Lutabots called the Yelobots.


Sungay is a light blue, and brown Lutabot. Sungay transforms into a Wooly mammoth in alternate mode. He has a life-giving Lutant splat in the middle of his chest plate. He transformers into the torso of Yelotron.


  • Micro-fibers maintain stable body temperature
  • Tusks double as lethal twin swords
  • In wooly mammoth mode, his tusks can crush glaciers and carry megatons of weight
  • In wooly mammoth mode, the bottom of his feet are micro-enhanced for extra traction on icy surfaces


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 5

Strength: 5

Speed: 2

Special Skill: 4

How to make SungayEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns in the Toycard. Follow the Red Lines.
  2. Fold all the broken lines.
  3. Glue main body to itself
  4. Curl shoulders and glue to main body as labeled
  5. Curl back and glue to main body as labeled
  6. Glue mammoth head to back
  7. Glue Leg 1 to itself on the tab. Do the same for Legs 2 to 4
  8. Slip a paper clip through the legs and attach them to the body.


  • Sungay means horns.
  • Sungay, unlike most of the Foldabots with the paper clip legs, He does not stand on them as the "Back" will cause him to tip.

This means that you are to be allowed to glue the legs.

  • Sungay's head resembles his mammoth tusks.
  • Sungay is said to only care about serving Lu-Sho, but in the comics, he is shown to be a team player.
  • Sungay along with Sisid, use handheld weapons.
  • Sungay parallels Dagundong in these ways
    1. They are both based on prehistoric animals: Woolly Mammoth and Brachiosaurus respectively
    2. The're alternate modes's heads were featured in their preceeding members patterns.
    3. Both were the last members to debut.