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Sisid is a cunning female lutabot who's master of the deadly depths. She can throw a razor-sharp boomerang, while her telekinetic circuits allow her to control its trajectory in mid-air. But Sisid is at her best underwater, oozing oil and firing oil spill ice harpoons at her hapless victims. Her oil storage sacs usually overflow through her gills, contributing to water pollution. In Combiner Mode, Sisid turns into Yelotron's right arm.


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 1

Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Special Skill: 4


Sisid is blue in her main body and black in Megalodon shark mode. She has a pollutant found in her chest cavity.She's also the fastest and deadliest lutabot ever.


Lutabot ModeEdit

Her tail fin acts as a lethal boomerang that spews oil underwater.

Megalodon Shark Mode Edit

  • Gaping jaws and sharp teeth can rip through any known metal.
  • Her mouth shoots a Lutant oil spill ice harpoon.
  • Her gills absorb water to produce more oil spill ice harpoons.

How to Make SisidEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns in the Toy Card.
  2. Fold all the broken lines.
  3. Glue Main Body to itself.
  4. Glue Tail Fin sides A and B back to back.
  5. Glue Dorsal Fin 1 Sides A Ad B back to back.
  6. Glue Dorsal Fin 2 Sides A and B back to back.
  7. Glue Jaw to the back of Robot Head.
  8. Glue Arms L and R to Main Body.
  9. Glue Part B and Fins to Main Body as labeled.
  10. Glue Dorsal Fin 2 to Part B and attach Tail Fin to Main Body.
  1. Glue Harpoon to the inside of shark's mouth.


  • Sisid means to dive underwater.
  • Sisid is the first female lutabot.
  • Sisid was also the first aquatic lutabot.
  • Sisid has a compartment to turn water into oil while Alona has a drainage to turn oil into water.
  • Though fans say she is Alona's rival, she is more of Butandrone's because Whale Sharks are really sharks not whales while Dolphinn, (Alona's alternate mode) is a mammal.
  • In her shark artwork. she has a wound on the side of her mouth. this is not visible in her toy form.
  • her name was ``swim`` in tagalog