Gender Male
Alternate Mode F-5 Military Jet
Appeared In Foldabots Toy Book 2
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Sigwa is a blue, greenish Lutabot that appears in the Foldabot Toy Book 2.


Sigwa appears to be a blue, and green Mechanoid Lutant that turns into a F-5 Military Jet. Since he is a mechanoid lutant, he has an evil lutant pollution on his chest, which gives him life.He have 2 deadly lutant missiles on jet mode.


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 3

Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Special Skill: 3

How to make SigwaEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold out all the blue lines
  3. Glue main body to itself
  4. Glue arms L & R to main body
  5. Glue the Top and Bottom pieces of the nose at the tip only.
  6. Glue top and bottom parts of the nose to main body.
  7. Glue weapon holders to wings
  8. Glue Left wing inner and left wing outer to underside of left wing.
  1. Glue right wing inner and right
wing outer to underside of right wing. Make sure pointed tips point forward
  1. Glue fin to itself and fold out flaps
  2. Glue fin to tail
  3. Glue wings L & R to main body
  4. Slip missles into slits on wings