Prehistoric Protector
Gender Male
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The Prehistoric protector of the Foldabots,Saurotron is formed from five Saurobots Sugod,Tusok,Bato,Talim,and their leader Dagundong

Appearance Edit

Saurotron is a green giant. A life giving Agimat glows in his chest,his right arm is the head of a Spinosaurus,his left arm is the tail of Ankylosaurus which serves as a flaming mace,his left leg has a Triceratops head for a foot and his right leg has the plates of a Stegosaurus he was later revived

Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength
  • Create seismic earthquakes
  • Recharge using solar panels on it's body
  • Has a flaming mace
  • According to comics 36:Licensed to Chill... Dagundong can fire a blue laser-like blast, This means saurotron can too!
  • Sugod and Tusok's lasers can be used as boosters for temporary flight
  • He can Hurl napalms.

Sugod and Tusok his legs can withstand extreme heat and temperature Talim his left arm provides crushing strength






Special Skill:5

How to make Saurotron Edit

1. GLUE SAUROTRON’s head to itself.

2. GLUE the red TAB to TALIM, in the same way you did BATO’s tab.

3. INSERT TUSOK and SUGOD into DAGUNDONG’s left and right legs.

4. INSERT BATO’s TAB into the RIGHT shoulder strap.

5. INSERT TALIM’s TAB into the LEFT shoulder strap. 6. SLIP SAUROTRON’s head to DAGUNDONG’s head.

Trivia Edit

  • Saurotron is based on Dinos: Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, And a Brachiosaurus.
  • He was drowned by Yelotron in foldabots comics issue:38.
  • When they were summoned by the Mitokrons to battle the Magmabots the Saurobots combined into Saurotron again,giving the Magmabots the idea of combining into Magmatron.
  • It make much more sense that Saurotron and the Saurobots survive the cold for them being mechanical unlike if they were regular beasts they would die of hypothermia
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Saurotron's fall