Saurobots are a group of powerful Foldabots who transform into dinosaurs. They are the brute force and close-knit combat team They give much havoc and ruckus to Lutabots stupid enough to fight them. They combine into Saurotron, which brings extra trouble to Lutabots.
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Their adversaries are the Yelobots.



  • The Saurobots somehow resemble the Dinobots who display brute force and little or average intelligence seeing as they're simple-minded but loyal.
  • They were defeated by the Yelobots in their Yelotron form but were avenged by Buhawi.
  • Though defeated, the Saurobots were encased in ice, thus they will return in 2055 in the Foldabot comics.
  • They came back being summoned by the Mitokrons to battle the Magmabots.