Power On Patrol
Power On Patrol
Writer Jill Arwen Posadas
Penciller Jomike Tejido
Inker Jomike Tejido
Letterer Jomike Tejido
Colorist Joel Chua & Teddy Pavon
Publication information
Publisher K-Zone
Pages 2
General information
Era Futuristic Philippines
Part of Foldabots Comics
Preceded by The Bite Of Bangis
Followed by Attack Of The Lutants

Power On Patrol is the third episodic comic of the Foldabots Comics. This comic appeared in the July 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Caloy and Raya, along with Astig and Bangis are on their way to Miko's house. Along their way, Caloy and Raya got attacked by two ferocious red dogs, just as Bangis' olfactory sensors indicated. Bangis, then jumps while transforming to a guard dog to attack the two ferocious dogs while Astig transforms into a skateboard for the humans to escape. Attempting to attack the dogs, Bangis got bitten in the neck by one of the dogs, making the owner of the two dogs to contact the HTP. After the HTP's arrival, another police car appears and transforms to a robot named Patrol since Caloy's father sent Patrol to look for Caloy.





  • 1st appearance of Patrol and the HTP
  • 1st issue where Miko is absent.


  • Patrol said that Caloy's dad sent him to find him yet in Fury Of The Elements, Caloy's dad dosen't even know who he is.