Gender Male
Alternate Mode Praying mantis
Appeared In March 2009
Preceded by Alita
Followed by Higadrone

Patibong is a Foldabot that appeared in the March 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine, along with a Dark Ages figure, Agtayabun. He is part of a subgroup of Foldabots called the Mikrobots.


Patibong is a green, yellow and red Foldabot who, transforms into a praying mantis in alternate mode. Like all of the other Foldabots, he has a life-giving agimat that glows in his chest compartment. In alternate mode, he has razor sharp edges on his arms and can deal swift strikes. Patibong turns into Mikrokosmos' right arm.


  • Optic sensors have night-vision.
  • Electro-antennae can shock foes and defend against aerial attacks.
  • Armor on his back conceals a solar panel that stores energy.


Intelligence: 2

Endurance: 2

Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 5

How to Make PatibongEdit

  1. Cut out all the patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold all purple.
  3. Glue Main Body to itself.
  4. Glue Arms AL and AR to Main Body.
  5. Glue Tail to Main Body.
  6. Glue parts L and R to Main Body.
  7. Glue legs A, B, C, and D to Main Body.
  8. Glue Antennae to Mantis Face, it must be in a V-shape.
  9. Slip Head slits into Main Body slits. Do not glue Head to slit.



  • "Patibong" means trap.
  • Patibong is the second Foldabot to have a part of their alternate mode visible on their robot mode. The first being Butandrone before reissued in which case, the Mantis head and Whale Shark tail respectively.
  • He was reissued in Foldabots Toy Book 4 where he sustained battle damage from the Pestebots making him use his Ultimate Agimat Force.
  • His Ultimate Agimat Force is the Scythe.
    IMG 0003

    Ultimate Agimat Force: Patibong's Scythe