Gender Male
Alternate Mode Car
Appeared In February 2007
Preceded by Tikbalang
Followed by Manananggal

Nuno is a red and blue Foldabot that appeared in the February 2007 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Nuno appears as a red and blue Foldabot that transforms into a car in alternate mode. Like all of the other Foldabots, he has a life-giving agimat that glows in his chest compartment. He is often stationed in his Pyrolytic Underground Nanobase Strategic Outpost or P.U.N.S.O., he's an expert in nano explosives techonology. In vehicle mode, he turns into a compact car useful for brief espionage missions. In combined mode, he transforms into Higantechron's right leg. In Issue #76, he was possessed By Lu-sho and he became Nu-sho.


  • Highly dense logic circuit storage capacity.
  • Enhanced micro-optic capability for probing and hypnotic circuitry.
  • Photon blasters and transmitters linked with P.U.N.S.O. tracker.


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 1

Strength: 2

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 5

How to Make NunoEdit


  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the green broken lines.
  2. Fold the blue lines.
  3. Glue the Main Body to itself.
  4. Glue Wheels L & R
  5. Glue Roof to Main Body.


  1. CUT out all patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. FOLD the green lines.
  3. GLUE Main Body to itself.
  4. GLUE Roof to Main Body as labeled (R1 & R2).
  5. GLUE Arms L & R to Main Body.
  6. GLUE Tires to Main Body as labeled (T1 to T4).
  7. GLUE HIGANTECHRON's Foot to Main Body as shown.

How to make Nu-sho Edit

1.CUT out all the patterns along the colored outlines and FOLD along the broken lines.

2.GLUE main body to itself.

3.GLUE end of each Arm to itself to form a sleeve.

4.GLUE Arms L and R to Main Body.

5.GLUE Roof to Main Body on tabs R1 and R2.

6.GLUE Tires to Main Body as labeled.

7. GLUE Staff Sides A and B back to back.

8.GLUE Cloth to the back of Head.

9.SLIP the Staff into one Hand sleeve. DO NOT GLUE

10.HANG the cape on his back DO NOT GLUE


1.GLUE each Sleeve to itself.

2.GLUE the seven sleeves to the PUNSO.

3.GLUE the punso to the Base.


  • Nuno is based from the nuno, an elf like being living in a "punso", meaning anthill.
  • Like Konkretron, one of Nuno's eye is like a monocle.
  • His punso was not included in the combination when he was upgraded.
  • Nuno's vehicle mode is featured in YOCard. It can be seen here:

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