Mikrobots is a subgroup of Foldabots that are based on insects. These insect warriors may be small, but they have mad Foldabot skill and the masters of espionage. They are created by Guhitron while Buhawi left Miko's sketchpad to him to guard it. The mikrobots' leader is Guhitron.



  • In the old bio, it was stated that they came from Miko's science experiment
  • they have many changes
    • Sapotron: His legs can be glued, but now it cant be glue (which is why it is used for mikrokosmos' back)
    • Alita: her inner wings uses tracing paper, now it doesnt anymore, especially the antenna was fixed
    • Higadrone: he has few blade hair and his head cant be glued for old mikrokosmos' arm. now it can be glued and he has more blade hair
    • Patibong: antenna is fixed
    • Alakdan: now a bit larger. his shoulders arent boxes
    • Mikrokosmos: His head didn't have a mouth, instead, a more insect-like pair of mandibles. Sapotron's legs attach to the shoulder of Mikrokosmos. Alakdan's claws can be seen on his ankles.