Gender Male
Alternate Mode Digital watch
Appeared In July 2009 k-zone
Preceded by Dakotron
Followed by Sugod
Lobo was released on the July 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine. Lobo's alternate mode is a digital watch.

During the Foldabots Dark Ages,three Armado warriors were kept safe in a mystical containment field.Fast-forward into the future,young strategist Raya gets to revive the mystical Lobo,a mechanical guardian in the form of a crafty wolf.Able to sniff out danger and sneak into Lutant territory undetected,Lobo and Raya make a good team with their cunning and intelligence.Lobo's powerful jaws can gnaw through eveen the toughest metals,while her tail,with its concealed blade strands,offers formidable rear defence.This Foldaabot mass-shifts and folds into Raya's red digital watch when needed,and forms the Head part of the BAKUNAWA DRAGON when combined with Aura-San 1 and 2.






Special Skill:3


Lobo is a red Foldabot resembling a wolf, hence her name, Lobo. She seems to have silver linings on her head. She has a cockpit where a rider(Specifically Raya), sits and has an agimat in front of the cockpit.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • A life-giving agimat glows in Lobo's main compartment.
  • He has highly-advanced olfactory sensors that can detect any intruder.
  • His jaws can gnaw through even the thoughest metal.
  • Armed with concealed blade strands, his tail is a formidable defensive weapon.

Watch modeEdit

  • His mass-shifting properties allow Lobo to compact himself into a stylish digital watch for Raya


  • Lobo means "wolf".
  • Lobo was first mistaken as a boy due to the phrase "his tail"(which later got edited into "her tail"). It was then confirmed in Comic issue 12.5 and Foldabots toybook 3 Dark Ages section that she's a girl. She is still called a he when she was reissued in ToyBook 4
  • Lobo's Dark Ages appearance shows her as a normal woman with a wolf's head as headgear. She was later changed to sorceress Mala Punisha.
  • In the Dark Ages,Kulog,Dakotron,and Lobo were on the opposite side with the former Lu-Sho.In the Dark Ages,former Liyab helped them and the 3 turned good.