Mechanical Engineer
Gender Male
Alternate Mode Fire Truck
Appeared In December 2006
Preceded by Kislap
Followed by Tikbalang

Liyab is a red and yellow Foldabot that appeared in the December 2006 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


  • Enhanced ceramic-plated shell that can withstand heat, explosion and shrapnel damage.
  • His hands are actually freeze blasters.
  • Sirens have advanced sensors for auto-detection of danger.
  • Tires are Foldabot-enhanced tire grips adjust to any terrain for rescue missions.
  • Ultra-dense foam sprayers and safety equipment storage.
  • Immune to fire.


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 3

Strength: 4

Speed: 2

Special: 3

Agimat Power Card GameEdit


  1. exotic Whip - Deals -10 damage (the target has 5% chance to become a lutabot or foldabot)
  2. Ice shards - adds +15 damage
  3. Freeze Blast - Deals -50 damage (target may die)
  4. Fold-In - To fire train model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 Agimat powers
  6. Special

Bold text===Alternate Mode==

  1. Photon Blast - adds -10 damage
  2. Swerve - Provides +10 protection
  3. Optic exotic Spray - Deals -20 damage
  4. Fold-Out - To robot model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 Agimat powers
  6. Special

How to Make LiyabEdit


  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the green lines.
  2. Fold the blue lines.
  3. Glue the Main Body to itself.
  4. Glue Front to Main Body.
  5. Glue Sides to form the cab of the truck.
  6. Glue T1 & T2 to Main Body.
  7. Glue Arms L & R to Main Body.
  8. Glue Ladder to itself.
  9. Glue Ladder to green box marked X on the Main Body.


  • Liyab means "To Blaze".
  • Liyab's face resembles an old man.
  • Liyab had the same toy form as Busado and his teammates before he was reissued. (Face was alligned with his arms).
  • Liyab is one of the few robots who did not change when he was reissued.
  • In the Dark Ages,Kulog,Dakotron,and Lobo were on the opposite side with the former Lu-Sho.In the Dark Ages,former Liyab helped them and the 3 turned good.