Lakan Manaul
Luman Clan Leader
Gender Male
Reincarnated as Buhawi
Appeared In Foldabots Toy Book 3
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Lakan Manaul is the human leader of the Lumans.


The power of Lakan Manaul's spirit is the greatest among all Lumans.When he was a young boy, he was called
Lakan manaul
Animo and his father,Lakan Matanda,taught him that all life is to be respected and that balance in nature must be maintained.Lakan Matanda often took him up into the mountains to conquer his Animo's fear heights.But when his father died in an accident while protecting a hawk's nest,Animo became one with the powerful spirit of the giant eagle ,Manaul.After that,he became the leader of the Lumans,going into battle armed with his ability to communicate with birds, as well as his father's mighty kris.


Lakan Manaul is the human leader of the luman who can communicate with the birds and to respect all life and be onev with the earth

How to make Lakan ManaulEdit

1.Cut out all patterns.Follow the COLORED outlines.

2.Fold all the Broken lines.

3.Fold the sides of the Platforem.(Fig.1)

4.Glue Front and Rear Views back-to-back.Make sure the foot flaps are folded out.(Fig.2)

5.Glue the Kris Sides A and B back-to-back.(Fig.3)

6.Fold the Eagle's head to form a pyramid(Fig.4)

7.Glue the Eagle's Leg's to the bottom of the Eagle's body.(Fig.4)

8.Glue the Figure to the Platform.The name must be at the back.(Fig.5)

9.Glue Front Cloth to Lakan Manaul's belt,his Kris to his left hand, and the Eagle's talon's to his right forearm.(Fig.5)


  • He is the leader of the Lumans in the dark ages.
  • He became one with giant eagle,Manaul.
  • According to the comics, he was Buhawi but other's say he's Agtayabun.