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Gender Male
Alternate Mode Owl
Appeared In July 2008
Preceded by Ramo
Followed by Kagat

Kuwago is part of a wild sub-group of Foldabots called the Gubabots. This mech-animal's sleek exostructure is ideal for it's role as a night hunter. Armed with enhanced optics for night vision, Kuwago can claw his way through the roughest Foldabot missions. In owl mode he cannot speak, but can communicate through hoot tone patterns that only his fellow Gubabots can decipher. He's the undisputed brains of the Foldabots squad that guards the secrets of the rainforest.


He is a brown and gold robot with claws for feet and a mask covering his nose and mouth which resembles a ninja.


Robot Mode
  • Razor- sharp titanium claws
  • Highly advanced optic and olfactory sensors

Owl Mode

  • Hypnotic hoot emitter
  • Optic sensors in owl mode possess night vision
  • Advanced logic circuits
  • Foldabot anima-skin mimics real owl feathers


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 3

Strength: 3

Speed: 4 Special Skill: 2

How to Make KuwagoEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the green lines.
  2. Fold the blue lines.
  3. Glue main body to itself.
  4. Glue arms 1 & 2 to main body.


  • Kuwago means owl.
  • Though Kuwago doesn't talk, In the comics, Kuwago is seen saying "Lu-Shred!" after Kalaw says "I'm gonna rip your reeking head of!". This is probably a translation or he really talks but, not to much.
  • Kuwago has the lowest number of parts in assembly, only consisting of the two arms and the main body.

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