Chief Of Special Operations
Gender Female
Alternate Mode Scooter
Appeared In November 2006
Preceded by Metrotren
Followed by Liyab

Kislap is a yellow and black Foldabot that appeared in the November 2006 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Kislap appears as a yellow and black Foldabot that transforms into a scooter in alternate mode. Like all of the other Foldabots, she has a life-giving agimat that glows in her chest compartment. She is as tough as any of her Foldabot comrades. Her distinct flare and advanced logic circuits make her stand out from the rest of her teammates. Her daring stunts in motorcycle mode are aided by rear anti-gravity beams that help her levitate. Her unique style and warrior instincts make Kislap a formidable machine, especially when she's in full-throttle.


  • Ultra-dense exterior that can tolerate high impact.
  • Rear lights also emit anti-gravity beams for temporary levitation.
  • High-intensity photon blasters with infrared.
  • Turbo charges for high acceleration.


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 2

Strength: 3

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 3

Agimat Power CardEdit


  1. Power Punch - Deals -10 damage
  2. Block - Provides +10 protection
  3. Mystic Glow - Deals -20 damage
  4. Fold-In - To motorcycle model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 Agimat powers
  6. Special
  • Select weapon
  • Fire weapon
  • Grab weapon
  • Disconnect combiners

Alternate ModeEdit

  1. Photon Glare - Deals -10 damage
  2. Wheelie - Provides +10 protection
  3. Sparkle Trance - Deals -20 damage
  4. Fold-Out - To robot model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 Agimat powers
  6. Special
  • Select weapon
  • Fire weapon
  • Grab weapon
  • Disconnect combiners

How to Make KislapEdit


Difficulty Rating: 5 out of 6

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold the green lines.
  3. Glue the Arms to the back of Kislap's chest.
  4. Glue the Engine to itself to form a box.
  5. Glue Engine to Main Body, right under the Arms.
  6. Glue Wheels Set A/Wheels Set B back to back to itself, with the tabs sticking out.
  7. Glue Wheels Set A/Wheels Set B under the blue box labeled T1/T2.
  8. Curl T1/T2 and glue it to itself to form a wheel.
  9. Fold and glue B1/B2 to itself to form a box and glue to T1/T2.
  10. Glue one wheel under the front area of the motorcycle and the other under the back area.
  11. Glue the Headlight at the back of Kislap's face.


  • K-Zone Issue: November 2006 (First appearance)
  • Foldabots Comics: What's Up, Kislap?


  • Kislap means spark or shine.
  • Kislap is the first female Foldabot.
  • Her apprentice is Lupet.
  • She was the Aura-san's master during the Dark Ages because she saved them.
  • kislap is more on tutubi than siklo beacause tutubi appear in comics when kislap appear