Gender Male
Alternate Mode None
Appeared In April 2007
Preceded by Kapre
Followed by Lupet & Uwak
Higantechron is a giant Foldabot that appeared in the April 2007 issue of the K-Zone magazine along with Kapre.


HIGANTECHRON is a combination of the Mitochrons – Kapre, Manananggal,Tikbalang, Nuno with P.U.N.S.O. – robotic might. With Nuno as a main source of logic circuitry, his strategic location as a leg part makes this Foldabot giant a more ruthless opponent. Made to battle a devious Lu-sho attack that requires more than military might, the Foldabots implore the aid of dark creatures who are the original guardians of the environment. Though lacking any form of manners and calmness, the Mitochrons’ combined form is a monstrous giant that serves the Foldabots’ noble cause.


  • MANANANGGAL’s wing blades double as a wicked armor.
  • NUNO’s highly advanced logic circuits are protected on HIGANTECHRON’s lower leg portion.
  • TIKBALANG’s legs give extra horsepower for high jumps.
  • KAPRE’s turret can be hand mounted to act as a spirit blaster.


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 5

Strength: 3

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 5


  • Higantechron is based from a "higante" meaning giant.
  • Higantechron is the second Foldabot combiner and is composed of Philippine mythological creature
    • In K-Zone, Hes the first Foldabot combiner, leaving Elementron the second foldabot combiner
  • Higantechron is second combiner to be upgraded in the Foldabot Toy Book volume 2 the other is Aquatikron
  • Higantechron appeared at december 2013 issue
  • Higantechron had some changes when he was reissued
    • His head was changed, instead, it was in the shades of red, yellow and gold.
    • In the old artwork, Nuno's punso was visible, but in the changed one, its not visible anymore. instead it was colored blue

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