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Dominador Cabo is a Foldabot Dark Ages figure. He may appeared in the April 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine along with Higadrone. He has since been reissued in the Foldabots Toybook 3.

Dominador Cabo's card


This Armado leader and elite swordsman is a ruthless conquistador who set out to invade all lands to to plunder their resources. A master of ground combat operations and battle strategy, he recruited the most ruthless warriors, beasts, and spellcasters to serve his cause. Wise men who use their knowledge for evil ends work for him to create weapons of destruction made from oil, firepower, and machinery. Cabo sees every other clan on earth, other than his, as lowly scum, fit only be his slaves.

How To Make Dominador CaboEdit

  1. Fold out foot flaps. Glue front and back panels together.
  2. Fold platform to form into a 3D base. Glue figure on platform.
  3. Glue sword side A and Side B together, so that both sides have printed side out.
  4. Fold Cape so upper part acts as a Gluing Tab. Glue it to the back of the figure. Glue the Sword on the left hand.


  • Dominador Cabo's future form is Lu-Sho .
  • Dominador Cabo is the first Dark Ages mini figure that belongs to the ARMADO clan.
  • Dominador Cabo was once thought to be KAPRE,becauce both of them are released at the same month,APRIL.