A Diadrone is a combiner composed of two Foldabots and Lutabots. There are two Lutabot Diadrone Pairs, namely Kalawang & Tetanoc's and Wa-Sakk & Du-Rogg; and two Foldabot Diadrone Pairs are Karga & Barena and Tu-Lock and Tinidrone


Lutabot Diadrone Team 1 (Tetanoc & Kalawang combined)Edit

Lutabot Diadrone Team 2 (Du-Rogg & Wa-Sakk combined)Edit

  • he can use the claws of Wa-sakk  into the enemies
  • he can use Du-Rogg's hook can fish out any enemies within range

Foldabot Diadrone Team 1 (Karga & Barena combined)Edit

  • he has the ability to drill using his right arm
  • His left arm is fully armored can deal serious damage
  • he has an ability to operate Foldabots Agimat cannon blaster

Foldabot Diadrone Team 2 (Tu-Lock & Tinidrone combined)Edit

  • ability to blast Lutabots and destroy them in a single shot when it hit the Lutabots 


  • The Lutabot Diadrones arms are from damaged while Foldabots Diadrones fully maintained vehicles. Lutabot Diadrone main body are from tow trucks and both Lutabots Diadrones wear helmets.
  • It is unknown if Foldabots Diadrone team 2 combined will fire by itself.