Gender Male
Alternate Mode P-40 Military Jet
Appeared In Foldabots Toy Book 2
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Delubyo is a camo green, and red Lutabot that appears in the Foldabot Toy Book 2.


Delubyo appears to be a green, and red Mechanoid Lutant that turns into a P-40 military prop plane. Since he is a Mechanoid Lutant, he has an evil lutant pollution in his chest, which gives him life.


Intelligence: 1

Endurance: 4

Strength: 4

Speed: 3

Special Skill: 2

How to make DelubyoEdit

  1. Cut out all the pattners. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold all the blue lines.
  3. Glue main body to itself
  4. Glue arms L & R to main body
  5. Glue propeller top to nose at the box labeled x. Make sure the red side faces to the front.
  6. Glue propeller bottom to nose. Make sure red side faces to the front.
  7. Glue assembled nose piece to main body.
  8. Glue Fin Sides A & B together, back to back, and fold out its flaps.
  9. Glue fin piece to tail.
  10. Glue tail piece to main body.
  11. Glue Wings L & R to main body.


  • Delubyo is one of the first mechanoid lutants to be made.
  • Delubyo means "disaster
  • His jet mode seems to be a p40 warhawk