Luman Kris Warrior
Gender Male
Reincarnated as Astig
Appeared In January 2009
Preceded by None
Followed by Tikbalang (dark ages)

Danak is a Foldabots Dark Ages figure that appeared in the January 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine along with Sapotron.


Danak belongs to a clan of Filipino warriors called the Luman clan and is very skilled in the way of the Kris and the master of the kris sword fighting technique. Despite the hardship of the Dark Ages, his fighting skills have been developed through intense, focused Arnis training. Little is known about his history, it is confirmed that his soul was reincarnated to a stealth warrior, Astig.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Harness the powers of nature.
  • Can use the flaming Kris technique.

Card statsEdit

Danak Card Front
Luman Card Back
  • Life: 5
  • Points: 100
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 1
  • Defense: 1

Can learn magic skills, carry extra weapons, shields and other special items.

Cannot attack air units or defend from aerial attacks.

How to Make DanakEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns in the Foldabots Toy Card. Follow the white lines.
  2. Fold the feet outward for the figure’s front and back panels.
  3. Glue front and back panels together. Make sure the flaps are folded out.
  4. Glue figure to the figure platform. The Figure name must be at the back of the figure.
Danak Instructions


  • Foldabots Comics: Fury Of The Elements (Appears in flashback(s))


Dark Ages

Danak's appearance in the Fury Of The Elements

  • Danak has a Luman clan tatoo on his arm which can be seen on the Dark Ages card however, on the Dark Ages figure itself, he doesn't have any.
  • Danak has a Luman clan symbol on his belt, which can be seen on his Dark Ages Card, but on his figure, he doesn't have one
  • Danak makes a cameo appearance in the fifth episodic comic, Fury Of The Elements.
  • Danak's Future form is ASTIG.
  • Danak's elemental force or power is FIRE.This is also simillar to ASTIG's fire moves
  • Danak is the first Dark Ages mini figure to have an UP-GRADED weapon.
  • Danak means "Flood".