Air Commander
Gender Male
Alternate Mode Philippine Eagle
Appeared In May 2006
Preceded by None
Followed by Patrol
"An army divided against itself cannot stand.....and those that seek only to destroy.WILL ONLY DESTROY THEMSELVES!!!



a Philippine eagle.He was once defeated by Komyutatron but later on was revived by Bakunawa Dragon with its power after that he became "Ultimate Agimat Buhawi" and has the powers of Bakunawa Dragon.


  • Micro-enhanced audio receptors and optics
  • Uses solar energy to draw power from the sun and stores energy in his dual wing storage pods
  • Sonar receptors and translators, allowing him to communicate with any organic life form
  • Soundless gliding
  • Sharp sense of smell
  • He has a very strong sword that cuts anything called "Ultimate Agimat Force".


Intelligence: 4

Endurance: 3

Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Special Skills: 4


  1. Forest Punch - Deals -5 damage
  2. Wing Shield - Provides +15oprotection
  3. Whirlwind Claw - Deals -10 damage
  4. Fold-In - In Philippine eagle model
  5. Recharge - Adds +7 Agimat powers
  6. Special attack
  • Select Weapon
  • Fire Weapon
  • Grab Weapon
  • Disconnect Combiners

Alternate ModeEdit

  1. Claw Grab - Deals -3 damage
  2. Swoop - Provides +10 protection
  3. Sonar Forest Call - Deals -8 damage
  4. Fold-Out - To robot model
  5. Recharge - Adds +10 4Agimat powers
  6. Special
  • Select Weapon
  • Fire Weapon
  • Grab Weapon
  • Disconnect Combiners

How to Make BuhawiEdit


Difficulty Rating: 1 out of 6

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold the green lines.
  3. Glue Main Body to itself as labeled.
  4. Glue UR to WR. Repeat with other wing.
  5. Glue Wings to Main Body as labeled
  6. Glue Arms L & R to Main Body.


  • Buhawi is the first Foldabot to be featured on the May 2006 issue of the K-Zone magazine.
  • Buhawi means tornado or cyclone.
  • Buhawi is based on a Philippine Eagle. The national bird of the Philippines.
  • Buhawi is the King of all fliers and Lord of winds.
  • It is said that he is the leader of the Gubabots.
  • Buhawi apears to be the most powerful Foldabot that ever appeared in the comic, considering he was able to single-handedly dispatch Yelotron, while the five Saurobots could not.
  • He is their leader, as a matter-of-fact.
  • Buhawi is the first Foldabot to use the Ultimate Agimat Force.
  • Buhawi destroyed Komyutatron in The Fury of the Cyclone.
  • He was been made the strongest by the three Aura-sans(Dakotron, Kulog, and Lobo).
  • In the issue 59 he seems to have a power to turn hypnotized Foldabots to normal.