Bato is a Foldabot and a member of the Saurobots.

If there's a search-and-destroy mission, Bato is the foldabot for the job. Armed with the most formidable body armor, Bato is able to convert heat from undergroundand convert it to a flaming heat shield. In Ankylosauros mode, his mighty tail not only acts as a lethal club, but also as a flamethrower. Bato can Divert all his heat energy from his tail and use it to protect his friends, especially when he folds into Saurotron's right arm, which is a built in weapon itself.


he is a red and green foldabot whose alternate mode is an Ankylosauros.



Endurance: 2

Strength: 4

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 4


  • Enchanced body armor generates heat shield
  • Highly-advanced olfactory sensors
  • Communication through special sound wave emitters
  • Concealed firing spikes
  • Tail can hurl napalm



  • Bato means "rock" or "throw".
  • Bato's head looks like his body.
  • Bato is the only one in the Saurobots to have a mouth.
  • Bato has the same ability as Siklab, which is producing fire.
  • It's possible he's named "Bato" because he throws the flames he produces from his tail or probably because a real ankylosaurus' back is rock hard.
  • His tail was ripped off by Yelotron.