The Bakunawa Dragon is a Combiner Foldabot formed by the watch combiners mainly, Dakotron, Kulog and Lobo. He is based on a Philippine mythological creature, Bakunawa who represents as a sea serpent and is often considered to be the cause of eclipses. Bakunawa was onced featured in the epic series of GMA7, Amaya.

Bio Edit

When aboard their respective Aura-sans, Miko, Caloy, and Raya have often turned the tide of many Foldabot battles. More than the Foldabots’ closest friends, these three humans have also become their comrades in arms. But when a great danger arises, the Aura-sans—Dakotron, Lobo, and Kulog—can combine together to form the mighty BAKUNAWA DRAGON. But can even this powerful dragon Foldabot defeat the might of the Lutabots’ own dragon combiner, the dreaded Kontrolion?



Dragon Mode

  • The kids control stations are electronically linked in Bakunawa Dragon form.
  • Kulog can emit a forcefield dome.
  • Lobo’s jaws gain the ability to breathe deadly fire.
  • Dakotron’s formidable arms increase in strength.


  • Bakunawa is the only Combiner with the least number of members, being 3.
  • Bakunawa is the only Combiner with all the members have 1 kind of alt. mode,digital watches.
  • Bakunawa is the 1st Combiner that is shape as a dragon the 2nd is Kontrolion. Coincidentally, all the members of the groups were former Lutabot and Foldabot respectively.
  • Bakunawa is the only Foldabot Combiner with members which originated from the Armado Clan.
  • Bakunawa is the 1st Combiner where a female robot is the main body. The 2nd was Kontrolion with Amihanator.
  • Interestingly, in his toy form, he has atleast 8 legs, but in the comics and artwork, he has 6 legs.