Astig By Accident!
Astig By Accident!
Writer Jill Arwen Posadas
Penciller Jomike Tejido
Inker Jomike Tejido
Letterer Jomike Tejido
Colorist Joel Chua
Publication information
Publisher K-Zone
Pages 2
General information
Era Futuristic Philippines
Part of Foldabots Comics
Preceded by None
Followed by The Bite Of Bangis

Astig By Accident! is the first episodic comic of the Foldabots Comics. This comic appeared in the May 2006 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Caloy, one of the main characters in the series, was given a drawing of a robot drawn by Miko, on their way to Caloy's house, the two left their things under a tree, these include schoolbags, Caloy's skateboard and Miko's drawing of the robot. After watching Robotars, Caloy noticed that Miko's drawing is gone. Suddenly Caloy's skateboard transformed into a robot who is similar to Miko's drawing, in surprise the two shouted "Astig!" making the robot's name Astig.




  • Astig (debut)


  • When this comic first appeared, the original show was Ubertron X. When it was reissued in the comics, it was changed to Robotars.

Succeeded by: "Bite of Bangis"