Hawk Man
Gender Male
Reincarnated as Buhawi
Appeared In March 2009
Preceded by Tikbalang (dark ages)
Followed by Dominador Cabo


Agtayabun is a Dark Ages figure, that appeared in the March 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine along with Patibong.


Agtayabun appears to be blue in skin color, his feathers are red in color.

How To Make AgtayabunEdit

  1. Fold out foot flaps, and glue front and back panels together.
  2. Fold platform into a 3d base. Curl head flap down. Curl hawk head. Glue hawk head on head flap.
  3. Using a red marker, color the back side of the wing solid red. You can add small feathers using a fine tipped pen (optional).
  4. Fold the wing flaps and glue them together on their flaps.
  5. Glue the joined wings to the back of the figure.


  • Agtayabun is the 1st Dark Ages character with the ability to fly.
  • Agtayabun might be Buhawi.But this led to confusion because of Lakan Manaul's sudden appearance in ToyBook 3.
  • Agtayabun is somehow an ILOCO word meaning "TO FLY".
  • It's future form is now rumored to be one of LUPET's pets,UWAK because of it's red appearance.